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Paypal Fee Calculator or Paypal Calculator

This is the best PayPal Fee Calculation website on Internet specefically developed to calculated exact fees that paypal charges on every transaction. You can easilty calculate how much you are going to receive when anyone send you money & how much you will send them to so that they get the exact amount.

If you want to calculate how much paypal deduct exactly, Enter any amount in "Enter an Amount" field, It will give you the exact amount that paypal will charge for that particular transaction, To view more, hit the "Advanced Calculation" Button.

How Paypal Fee Calculator Works ?

We have developed our site very user friendly and easy to use so that our user don’t have to waste time to find out the charges, We implement all types of payments/transactions in our Software like Standard fees, Merchant Account, International, Personal Payment / Sale, Micro payments, Non-Profit & more. Just type your number that you need to check & you are done.

What is Paypal Merchant Account/Seller Account & How to do Paypal Merchant Fees Calculation using your Calculator ?

PayPal or ( is a company owned by eBay. It deals with e-commerce field on the Internet and enable users to transfer money to each other with an alternative to old paper way such as money orders or checks. PayPal also processes payments in other Web services, for which they charges a small percentage.

Rates updated Sep 18 ,2019. This site ( is NOT affiliated with PayPal or or any of its sub services. Transaction fees can be changed at any time by Paypal. Please use at your own risk. This page only provide a way to calculate the approximate amount that PayPal charges.